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Full Version: Music library: deleted albums are not removed from library
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I noticed that albums that are deleted are no longer removed when using the update function. Using Gotham beta3, Mar 15 2014.
From the log, during update:
Quote:08:58:43 T:120 ERROR: XFILE::CDirectory::GetDirectory - Error getting smb://fileserver/music/Albums/Rock/No Doubt/Singles/1995 - Just A Girl/
08:59:06 T:5128 WARNING: MUSIC_INFO::CMusicInfoScanner:Tonguerocess directory 'smb://fileserver/music/Albums/Rock/No Doubt/Singles/1995 - Just A Girl/' does not exist - skipping scan.
I would have expected to have seen at least another line mentioning the removal of the deleted album and related songs but there is nothing mentioned with the album title or songs.
Tested it with both a central MySQL database and a local database.

Can anyone confirm this is indeed a bug?[/quote]
Does "smb://fileserver/music/Albums/Rock/No Doubt/Singles" still exist?
Yep, that folder still exists. Below that folder are subfolders, each containing a cd-single album. Some of them I deleted and in XBMC 12 a libraryupdate would remove them from the library as well. Gotham B3 doesn't and even another "scan to library" doesn't remove them. A library update does seem to update changed or added files but doesn't remove deleted files.

I am using the Universal Album- and Artist scrapers with their default setting, but disabled "download additional information during updates".
I re-tested this with beta2 and the nightly March 27 version, freshly installed, portable with default settings, local music files and local library.
Same behaviour: deleted music albums are not removed from library with a library update. Only a "clean library" will remove them from the library.

created ticket 15062
This was due to a change of behaviour. In order for clean to occur on library update you need to enable <cleanonupdate> in <musiclibrary> in advancedsettings.xml.

Thanks for your reply!
Your suggestion restores the update behaviour as it did pre-Gotham. I did look for changes in the music library but must have missed this. Anyway, thanks for your reply!\