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Full Version: permission denied
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hi i keep getting a permission denied message when trying to run the shell script even in root terminal.

was hopeing someone in here could help me solve this so i dont have to keep booting into windows to use tmm for my raspbmc collection.

running debain 7 wheezy fully updated and upgraded.

thanks in advance.
the folder, where tmm (the getdown.jar, getdown.txt and the shellscript) is extracted, has to be writeable for the user (tmm writes lots of data and updates itself).
That's why I'd prefer to put it to the users directory (or /opt - but since tmm is some sort of portable app, I'd prefer the users dir), where tmm has all needed rights to work.

For a further investigation (if you don't have any chance to start it), please send us the following files via http://www.tinymediamanager.org/index.php/contact-us/ :
- launcher.log (inside the tmm directory - will be created when the launcher/updater runs)
- logs/tmm.log (inside the tmm directory - will be created when tmm launches)

if neither of the logs exist, you have to check why the shellscript is not starting the getdown.jar (java installation?)


btw: running ubuntu 13.10/manjaro and tmm is working flawlessly Smile