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Full Version: How create strm file that call urlresolver ?
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i have created dozen of strm files with unrestricted movie link inside , but after couple of days these links changes , so i need to udpate them manually Confused
Is there a way to create a strm file that call urlresolver to unrestrict my links automatically ?
i have realdebrid and alldebrid prenium account

it would be fantastic
thank you for your help
No one can help me ?
The MashUp addon has similar functionality. Go to Mashup / My XML Channels, and follow the instructions to build your own xml file - a collection of stream links that will process through urlresolver when played.
@freddy_kruger Do you find a issue please? I'm really interested about resolve uptobox link in strm file. Do you have a plugin to do that? Thanks
1.- install UrlResolver and configure it with your account settings
2.- install LiveStreamerPro
3.- Create a .strm file with
replace with your link and append &mode=19
optional: you could also create a .nfo for the scrapper, this file must have the same name as the.strm file.
3.- Go to Files->Add videos->Browse and select your folders.

Good luck!
Be careful here, please, all of you.

MashUp is on our banned_addons (wiki) list, and I'm not convinced by the others. This whole conversation *could* be the wrong side of legal - unless you're talking about legitimate IPTV streams, of course, and not the common-or-garden pirate kind.


Just noticed the necroposting. Warning still stands.