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Full Version: Latest source code
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is the latest source code (v5.1.0+) somewhere available. I only seem to be able to find the Eden source or run into "access denied" on code.google.com.

Xeebo is in XBMC's repo, so: http://addons.xbmc.org/show/skin.xeebo/ then direct download link to download the zip. Or you could install from the addons page in XBMC using these directions http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Add-on:XeeBo
Thanks, but I am not interested in ways to install Xeebo, but in the source code. The images mainly (they are compressed in the textures file) and possibly changes or fixes that have been made after the last release. It seems to be on Google Code but access is forbidden.
Are you thinking of updating it to Gotham? I hope someone does.