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Full Version: Foscam HD - Video feed with camera controls, and motion/sound detection preview
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(2018-02-01, 17:42)davidbrucs Wrote: [ -> ]We have a Motorola video monitor and I do like the video function.It's like night vision, so you do see relativey well even with blackout blinds and/or curtains. We have bought a sound only one we're planning on putting in our toddler's room when baby goes in by himself, and move the video monitor for peace of mind being able to see him. Our toddler is very good a night (or was until I just jinxed it!) so the video for him isn't very necessary. The main thing I would say I would 100% want in any monitor is the ability to talk to them through it, as it's been invaluable in settling the toddler when he just needs some reassurance.
 In my experience Audio is a different beast.  At least for Foscam its not passed through HTTP commands and typically requires compiled code.  You're best bet is going to be a web browser or phone app in my opinion.  If you want Kodi integration, then you might be looking at piecing something together with advanced launcher which could launch a browser and load the camera with the audio function available.

Just some food for thought.  Hope you work it out!
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