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Full Version: How to display DialogFileStacking dialog?
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Hi guys,

While waiting on some translations before releasing the next update of my skin I have been cleaning up my code and noticed a dialog that does not match existing code layouts (DialogFileStacking.xml). I have updated the code to match Ronie's code in his skin but I have no idea how to trigger this dialog to test that everything is now correctly positioned. Could someone give me a thumbnail sketch of how to trigger the dialog and what I should be seeing when it is displayed.

Wyrm (xTV-SAF)
It is shown if you want to play a multipart movie. To test the dialog you can create fake files and scan them to your library, e.g. create two files named "The.Avengers.2012.Part.1.avi" and "The.Avengers.2012.Part.2.avi" respectively, then add them to your xbmc library.
Some files for testing -


Extract the folder, add it to your library, select 'Green Hornet', bring up the context menu and press 'Play part...' to bring up the dialog.
Toolpunk and Hitcher,

Thanks for that guys, now see the dialog needs a little more work. Funny I have never seen this before as I have a couple of multi-part movies in my collection already (a strange Brad Pitt movie that involves a baseball bat for one). Will have to go back thru my library and see if I can trigger things from what I have as well.

Thanks yet again.
Wyrm (xTV-SAF)