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Full Version: external system directory
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Hello, dear community.
What is an "external system directory"? Where do I find it when setting up an emulator in the addons section of etroplayerr?
I am trying hard to configure retroplayer for the first time. Unfortunately, none of the enabled (system>addons) emulators does show up in the section "games" afterwards.
Do I have to install retroarch additionally?
What am I missing? I used the normal build of XBMC and I had no problems with enabling addons there...

Greetings, tom
Hi Tom,

External system directory is where RetroPlayer looks for emulator "system" files, which are configuration data, BIOSes and other binary blobs that can't be included in the source code for copyright reasons. Currently, RetroPlayer will ask for you to specify a system directory if the emulator requests it. Some emulators (like one of the gameboy cores) request a system directory, even though they don't really need it. In accordance with RetroPlayer's minimal-configuration principle, you won't be prompted for a system directory unless the emulator asks for it, and even then this directory is chosen "just-in-time" at the last possible moment (right as the emulator launches for the first time).

I think you can configure/re-configure all system directories through the add-on manager. Select the emulator add-on, go to configuration, and it's probably the only property listed. System directories can even be configured for emulators that don't ask for one, but this has no effect.

In the latest (unreleased) version of retroplayer, I hardcoded this directory to userdata/addon_data/addon.id/system, so you won't be prompted.

Does this clear things up?
Yes, thank you for the fast answer.

Greetings, Tom