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Full Version: Pressing Play on Song from within Album view [library mode]
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When I am in Library Mode > Albums and I [enter] an album I see the track listing. If I click on a song it will play that song (provided another song is not currently playing). And only that song. It will not queue up the rest of the album. If I press [next] to go the next song on the album, there is no song found. I gather this is all because I have not "added" the songs to the queue. Is there any way (an add-on maybe) that when I [enter] an album xbmc knows I'm in that album and can find the next song? (Am I making sense?)
Settings->Music->Playback->Play the next song automatically.
i've got that option selected. but it seems like it doesn't know what the next song is. (and i've got cue files or album.nfo files and my files are tagged with track numbers).
As always, a Debug Log will show why.
gotcha. thanks. will post with my next issue!