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Full Version: xbmc 12.3 crash on os x
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Hi I did have crash problems with xbmc on mac

OSX Version 10.9.2
Platform mac mini mid 2011
Install Method dmg
XBMC (12.3 Git:20131212-9ed3e58), Platform: Darwin OSX (13.1.0 x86_64, Version 10.9.2 (Build 13C64)). Built on Dec 23 2013
logs : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7174076/

After having played a video file stored on a nas our after a long time in start screen, the system freeze and must be killed from os.

Thanks a lot for helping
Looks like it crashed while scanning for new items for the library, and it did so just after the 203 folder in your Simpsons folder. There might be a funky file in there that confuses/freezes XBMC up. Try temp removing/moving that folder and maybe the one after it and see if a library scan will still freeze XBMC. If XBMC doesn't freeze that time then there is a weird file inside. Our devs would likely be interested at examining the file to see why this happens.
Thank you Ned.
done the delete of these folders but still have the problem after having view 2 films

here is the extract of the end of the last log : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7181601/
say if you need the entire one.
Can you also grab a crash reporter log? Mac_FAQ#logs (wiki)
are you there?
no solution for me?
please help
the problem is still there

disable all service addons - its crashing in one of those python scripts...
it seems to be working