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Full Version: Repository issues
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I have been tinkering with XBMC recently as I plan on putting it through my house. Today I came across an issue with adding 3rd party repositories.

I am currently running XBMC 12.3 on Ubuntu 13.10 and XBMC 12.2 on RaspBMC on a Raspberry Pi. My library is shared through MySQL from the machine running Ubuntu. Both installs have XBMCHub installed.

Issue 1:
On the Ubuntu machine, when I try to add a third party repository, XBMC crashes at the start up. If I delete all add ons and repositories, I can get XBMC to start back up.

Issue 2:
On the Rpi, when I add a third party repository, no add ons show up. I have tried checking for updates, forced refreshes and deleting ~/.xbmc/userdata/Databases/Addon15.db - all with numerous reboots and no success.

I have had add ons successfully installed before and the only major change I have made is sharing my library. Coincidence? Maybe.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

1. This is not xbmc hub.

2. Nothing to do with MySQL.
3. we are not raspbmc
Both issues caused by changes at github
Gotham beta 3 will solve your Ubuntu system - both crash & repo update
Have no clue about RaspBMC but the issues are caused by same mechanism at Github access
short answer: raspbmc needs to fix it.
Thanks for the suggestion on Github. I'll give it a try tonight on my Ubuntu system!