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Full Version: How to select multiple movie files at once?
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I can't find how to select multiple movie files at once with keyboard and/or mouse.
I want to select multiple movies and mark them as watched.
not possible
That's a big disadvantage.
So the only solution is to select movie by movie as watched? Or is there another way?
This is not practical with a large folder of movies.
you can select an entire folder and set is as watched (which will do all of them).

you can also use "W" key
With the "Movies" folder can be choosed with the right mouse button to select this folder as watched or unwatched.
But the "Movies" folder automatically contains all movies of each folder that one adds, so this is not possible.

So you mean I have to select a folder through: Videos> Files> "here select folder".
Here can't be selected watched or unwatched with the right mouse button. The "W" key was able to mark this folder as watched.
Maybe a fault this not showing in the right mouse button menu?

But, this way it isn't possible to mark a folder as unwatched. This doesn't work with the "W" key.
So here's the only way to get around to mark the "Movies" folder as unwatched, and then back again mark all folders that one wants as watched. Is this correct?
This is a cumbersome way.