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Full Version: GOTHAM: Stop Library Scan Command
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I really like the new context menu in Gotham, however, I can't seem to figure out how to stop a library scan anymore.

Before, I would pull up the context menu in library view (movies/tv/music).

Now, that seems to be gone.

How do I stop a scan?
It's the same button (in the side blade) that starts the scan, the label changes to "stop scanning" if the scanning is in progress.
Thanks SpaceMoney, but I'm using Aeon MQ5. That menu is not accessible.

I'm looking for something in the context menu etc... Or a solution that works for MQ5...
If the button is not in the most obvious places, then the skin is most likely not fully compatible with Gotham.
I figured it out. The menu is available at the top of the screen (by pressing up).

All good. Thanks. I was just used to accessing it via "C"