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Full Version: How to control movie set sorting
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Hey all,

I am trying to get my Zatoichi collection into XBMC. I enabled movie sets, which does group them together. I have it set to sort by year, which gets them sort of into the same order. I have 1 through 5 entered, and movies 4 and 5 are out of order. They were produced in the same year, but then were sorted alphabetically.

I guess my question is, can I control how they are sorted by perhaps release date, going down to month and day? The movies have this information in moviedb, but I can't find where to enter it in the metadata. I have used XWMM to edit the data, but still no field. Thanks for the suggestions.
Use Sort Title to order correctly so along the lines of

Collection Name Movie 1
Collection Name Movie 2
Collection Name Movie 3

Sort Title can be set from context menu or you can use XVMM.
Thank you, sir, that did the trick!