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Full Version: AV out of sync
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Hi everyone,

Newbe here, got a Pivos last week and installed Linux-XBMC on it.
When I watch some movies on the network, the movie is out of sync pretty bad. When I stop the movie and re-start it, it seems on sync for a couple of seconds, then goes bad again.

I'm pretty confident my audio settings are good, I'm connected through HDMI and my AVR supports HD-audio, so I enabled everything.

I searched on a couples of forums and it seems there are Sync settings under the playback tab of the video settings. On my device, I don't see any of them.

Anybody knows how I can enable these options?

Thanks a lot
First: Debug Log
Ah sorry - no idea, "some android based soc" + outdated xbmc.

Those can for sure not do bitstream audio. "Some" can do dts and ac3. Your chip only has 2 channels, so no multichannel for sure.