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Full Version: video files and Meta data on same hard drive
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I am very new to this so bare with me.
I have Synology 24 TB server. I have backed up and categorized all my video files onto separate hds. I have an Earthroamer and travel where there in no internet and would like to take my media with me. I would like to keep my video data and meta data on its own drive so I could pop a drive into a docking station on my Nuc and play its movies and TV using Xbmc. I have researched the net but can not to see a solution.
If this is difficult, I will just have to play them directly with no metadata and sort capabilities.
Any suggestions?
My email is [email protected]
Thanks Don Vancouver
Settings > Video settings > Library > Export library (separate files) --> to the disk you want (preferably before travel so its up to date)... then import when you need it. You can attempt this with Export library (Single file), although I'm not sure this works for all thumbs, covers, fanart etc. Didn't do so "back in the day" atleast. I highly suggest a trial run, disconnect from internet and set up as you would "in the field" to simulate "surroundings".
If Export library (single file) covers your needs, I suggest going with this.