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Full Version: Display setting
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I am having trouble with XBMC 12.3 Frodo. I have installed it on my NUC and the video quality is lacking and when I play some MKV's it is glitchy at best. When I play it through VNC or media player classic it doesn't miss a beat.

I have tried changing the vedio setting in XBMC but with no luck,.

Can anyone advise of the best way to fix this

Use beta (wiki)
Make sure the driver is up to date and the settings below are properly configured in XBMC-

1. Update the latest Intel driver- Automatically identify and find drivers
2. Enable DXVA2 with Software as render method in XBMC video setting
3. Select WASAPi and check all capable receive options in XBMC audio setting. If it is connected directly to TV, you can select Analog 2.0 and DirectSound for audio output....

I installed the update which updated my display settings on the computer but XBMC is still glitchy.

thanks for all your help though. greatly appreaciated. looks like its back to VNC to stream all my movies Wink