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Full Version: Missing Movie Scanner Alternative
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Hey guys,

Missing Movie Scanner 3.3.2 is not working for me at all. It used to work in previous version but now it stopped.

I have 750 movies and OpenELEC just recognize 400 and I'm completely lost in how to fix it. Someone can help me? Suggest another add-on?

About MMS, it seems the add-on scan in /Storage/Movies/ but my movies are in /media/HDD I really don't know why this is happening now.

Have you posted something in the MMS thread? Best place to go for a resolution I am sure.

If you like you can give my addon a try. I created it before I knew about MMS. Its called LooseFiles and the details are in the signature.

It shows the files in a window and you can play them then rename them from there. It can also save the list to disk or email you the list of the files not found in the library. Check out the Settings.