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Full Version: GOTHAM BETA 3 - 3DSBS autodetect failing
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Unsing Openelec / Nvidia VDPAU GT610

Here is my xbmc 3D config :
Playback mode of stereosopic videos : use preffered mode
Preffered mode : same as movie autodetect

I'm using MKV SBS 3D movie (1080p)
In that way the video rendering is really bad (like SD movies),
when I check for original size I got a small video window
it is as if the video size is changed (downscale) and then upscaled again
and the quality lost

When I change the option for :
Playback mode of stereosopic videos : ask me
and then I choose side by side when it asks
the same video quality is now really good

there's something about the automatic detection of 3D mode,

thanks !
Are you naming the file properly? i.e. Avatar (2009).3d.hsbs
Yes actually,

when the file is properly named, then the autodetect work
but then i got the rendering problem

actually, when the file is not correctly named, I don't have trouble
because i have to manually activate the 3D mode, and then I don't have trouble,

I have trouble only when the autodetect mode is working...