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Full Version: Movie sets information
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Which one would you recommend for showing more details about a focused movie set, script.extendedinfo or plugin.moviesets? I'd like to show additional information about focused movie set in the library, so not only when I'm inside a set.

There's not too much info about the add-ons, plugin.moviesets discussion is mostly about the previous script version of the skin and not the plugin version that's available in BigNoid's Github account, and to tell you the truth I couldn't make it work at the first try. Debug log shows that the add-on starts, and stops with XBMC but that's about it.

Is script.extendedinfo fully compatible with Gotham?
Answering myself, script.extendedinfo seems to work nicely for my needs, and requires only 2 line modification to the code to get it working with Gotham.