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Full Version: UPC Horizon (Skinport to XBMC?)
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Hello all

Not shure if all of you knew UPC Horizon, and its UI

If not, you can thake a look at it here (Interesting/UI Part starts somwhere around 08:57)

Or here:


As it seems the box is partly build on XBMC Camelot
There where already a Feature request to Port the Skin to XBMC here
but as it seems its not so simple.

I downloaded the Source of the Box from samsungs opensource source Linked in the abouth mentioned tread to thake a look at it, but all i can found was confluence and PM3.HD in there. To be Honest i was a bit lost in the structure of the downloaded .zip, and at last im not shure if the skin is opensource also, but if; where to finde??

So my thouts: would it be possible to port this "Skin" to XBMC

Maby someone else knews more.

If not this could at least be a sort of Inspiration for other Skinners, as i realy like the animations, and the general look.
(Hope its o.k. to post it here in this Section)

Believe me no one would use such a skin, i have a horizon box since 1 1/2 year now ... it's such a crap ! There is no logical navigation at all and the animations are useless.

I don't see a real need for a skin like this.

There where already discussions here:


But hey, don't understand me wrong, everyone is free to start a skin Smile

I would either see something like swisscom is planing in near future:




Here the link:


Didn't got the box myself, just finde pictures of the UI while searching for inspiration.
What i like is the 3D like Navigation (it looks cool on the videos) it seems that everi Navigation as far as you go deeper in the Menu, let you feel your deeper in the screen.

jer, knew your linked tread. As mentioned, did already do a search for Skinfiles in the opensource file (downloadlink in the mentioned tread).

btw. cool!!
Second Link, of your Pictures is pretty cool, as far as i try to open it with my android phone, it offerd me "send to XBMC" (via yatse) and it did. CoolBig Grin
(no Idea why, but cool!!)