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Full Version: Webserver won't start.
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Hello everyone,

I am trying to configure the remote app for android but I couldn't get the webserver to start.

I followed everything as close as possibleas said in this thread. I know how to forward ports, so I'm pretty sure I did that right, I have also checked whether I gave XBMC permission to make internet connections, and it does. I can't come up with any other probable causes so I came here for help.

I made a debug log posted here. I think the problem starts somewhere between line 175 and 180.

I'd really apreciate the help.
It's most likely that something else has control of the webserver port (80 or 8080) on your PC. Try a different port, e.g. 8082.
Also for most routers you should not need to worry about port forwarding once everything is on the same subnet.

Also it looks as if you enabled debugging after you started XBMC. To get a full startup debug log, you should enable debugging, shutdown XBMC & restart with debug enabled.
Thanks! Changing the port worked. I guess I already had it assigned to something else.