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Full Version: TMDB, images.themoviedb.org doesn't exist?
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Looking at my shared SQL database for XBMC, I can see lots of references to images.themoviedb.org.

c08: <thumb preview="http://images.themoviedb.org/posters/35858/Cocktail_v1a_mid.jpg">http://images.themoviedb.org/posters/35858/Cocktail_v1a.jpg</thumb><thumb preview="http://images.themoviedb.org/posters/35862/Cocktail_v2a_mid.jpg">http://images.themoviedb.org/posters/35862/Cocktail_v2a.jpg</thumb><thumb preview="http://images.themoviedb.org/posters/35866/Cocktail_v3_mid.jpg">http://images.themoviedb.org/posters/35866/Cocktail_v3.jpg</thumb><thumb preview="http://images.themoviedb.org/posters/35870/Cocktail_v4a_mid.jpg">http://images.themoviedb.org/posters/35870/Cocktail_v4a.jpg</thumb>

c20: <fanart><thumb preview="http://images.themoviedb.org/backdrops/13328/Cocktail__poster.jpg">http://images.themoviedb.org/backdrops/13328/Cocktail_.jpg</thumb></fanart>

But, images.themoviedb.org doesn't exist?

$ nslookup images.themoviedb.org

** server can't find images.themoviedb.org: NXDOMAIN

Whas has changed here that my XBMC installation is unaware of?
you need to refresh these movies as TMDB changes their image urls once every time.
(2014-04-09, 12:55)Martijn Wrote: [ -> ]you need to refresh these movies as TMDB changes their image urls once every time.

Ok, can I do it for all of them? I have a "few" of these..

Showing rows 0 - 29 (112 total, Query took 0.0021 sec)

FROM `movie`
WHERE `c08` LIKE '%images.themoviedb%'
LIMIT 0 , 30
i mean refresh within XBMC so new images get scraped and if you have NFO files you need to ignore them.
you need to do that each movie at a time as there is no real mass refresh option.

workaround is by setting the content of the movies folder to none. hit ok and then set it back to movies again so it will rescan all your movies.
Thanks, this seems to work!