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Full Version: Artist and Albumartist causes different "album" results in library
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When I use the music library in XBMC I can use ARTIST or ALBUMARTIST in the tag. If the album is solo from one artist I only use the ARTIST field. BUT! I've got 2 HUGE music folders ( in total containing more than 6000 music files). In these tags I use the ALBUMARTIST field, works fine, however when I want to search in the library in XBMC or the XBMC App to the ALBUM I get 6000 hits from the same album.

What can I do (or what goes wrong) to avoid this?

Album artist = Various Artists

Turn off 'include artist from compilations' in settings
(2014-04-09, 18:51)whitebelly Wrote: [ -> ]Album artist = Various Artists

Turn off 'include artist from compilations' in settings

Thanks, that helped. Now the folders containing more than 6000 musicfiles is not presented 6000 x as an album. Now the musicfolder is showrn in the musiclibrary about 10x, same Artists are put together as an album on it's own (not every music file from same artist, that's the weird thing about it). For some reason approx 6 music files are also shown solo as a album. Do you know a cure for this?

Use a tag tool to check tag concisteny. Particular attention to "Album Artist", "track number" and "Disc number". For one big mix folder you might want to strip track number, but you might want to set all to disc number "1", or clean out that tag alltogether.
I use Tag & Rename, as far as I can see al the tags are fine. I don't understand what you really mean, could you be more specific please? (sorry, dutch guy)
I have no experince with that tool, but a quick overvew seems it should support setting "Album", "Album Artist", "Disc #" and "Track #" tags. Personally I use Mp3tag. If this is just one big mix folder that you want to show as one single album, yet still be able to find the individual artists if searching - then you need the following:
  • Artist / title tag: These stay as they are.
  • Album tag: Whatever you want to call the album, but make sure all files have same Album name.
  • Album artist tag: Various Artists or similar. All must be the same.
  • Track # tag: If this is just a big mix folder of files (not whole, individual albums), remove "Track #" tag on all files.
  • Disc # tag: Set all files with either "1", or remove tag (set blank).