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Full Version: Add manual info (nfo?) in addition to automatically scraped data
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I would like to depend on the automatically scraped data for movies. I use the "Movies are in separate folders that match the movie title" option together with TMDB.

I tried adding a movie.nfo just containing:


But, when adding deleting the movie and re-adding to the library, all I got for this movie was that info.

Is there any way to add information that optimally would be found by a library update to ADD to the information that was already present? So my set-info would override any automatic set the movie was a part of.

Or, if it was possible to add a tag in the same way.

If I manually edit a movie from XBMC GUI I can change which set it should be mapped to but then I would loose that information if I needed to refresh the directory for any reason later on.

I would like to avoid dumping all the movie info to nfo and changing that. Seems too static.
Btw, the reason for not writing this to the DB is that I have had problems with duplicates and have been forced to restart from the beginning. Then I would like to keep this information, if I have spent much time customizing it.
Re-export the library as individual files ( XBMC -> Settings -> Videos -> Library -> Export )

When it asks to overwrite, say yes. That will create new NFO files with the updated sets information + all the other proper data, as it is currently displayed in XBMC.
Yes I saw that was an option but I think it's too static, if I for some reason want to do a refresh I can't.. because my NFO-info will override. Right?
If you refresh from within XBMC then XBMC will ask if you want to use local data or internet data.