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Full Version: [Possible Bug] TMDB scraper problems
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I'm having some problems with TMDB-scraper not detecting my series correctly. My library is divided into two parts, where the first have paths looking something like this:
\series\comedy\NameOfSeries\season X\NameOfSeries S0XE0Y EpisodeTitle.mkv
\series\drama\NameOfSeries\season X\NameOfSeries S0XE0Y EpisodeTitle.mkv

If I just map up the series directory, the scraper thinks that everything in the comedy container is the same series and adds several hundreds episodes of it. It tries to match the name of the series with the category, so something with comedy in its name, usually some foreign series I've never heard of.

I've solved it by mapping each category to a separate share, then it seems to be working fine. I'd like to avoid this in the future though if possible.

The other part looks like this:
\download\NameOfSeries\NameOfSeries S0XE0Y EpisodeTitle.mkv
\download\NameOfSeries S0XE0Y EpisodeTitle.mkv
\download\NameOfAnotherSeries S0XE0Y EpisodeTitle.mkv

For the download part it detects the series with own subdirectories just fine, but the episodes in the root of the download directory isn't registered at all. Any possible solution for this? I'd like to avoid sorting my download directory too much before doing the real categorizing. Normally things stay in there until I've seen it.

Can any of this be configured to work, or fixed somehow?
I don't think this is a bug, as I had the same problem when I first started using XBMC. I had my TV shows set up like this:

\TV Shows (Scraper set to TV Shows)
\TV Shows\A-B-C\..(bunch of series)
\TV Shows\D-E-F\..(bunch of series)
\TV Shows\G-H-I\..(bunch of series)

I got all sorts of weird Japanese shows when I scraped it because the scraper (thetvdb.com) was seeing the 'A-B-C' folder as a series and was trying to match it. I think for you the best way to fix this is to set it up like this:

Add \Series as a source and set the scraper to 'None'.
Set \Series\Comedy to 'TV Shows' and make sure "Selected folder contains a single TV show' is unchecked.
Set \Series\Drama to 'TV Shows' and make sure "Selected folder contains a single TV show' is unchecked.
\Download can be set to 'TV Shows' (Selected folder contains a single TV show' is unchecked) because the series folders are direct subfolders of it.

This should allow you to scrape the shows correctly without having to set each \Series\(Genre) folder as its own source.
Thank you! It didn't occur to me that I could add the main folder as a source and still set scrapers on subdirectories. Smart. :-)

The download folder is still a problem though, where I have most episodes of different series just dumped there without subfolders to be sorted later, and some very few in their own subfolder. It would be very nice if it could detect them on filename only, as it contains all the needed information.
It would be nice if it could scrape just the files, but that is a limitation of the scrapers unfortunately. As a note, shows with just a single seasons worth of episodes can be dumped into a show folder without having to set up season folders. I have a 'Recent Downloads' folder I use for stuff I just watch and trash. For example:

\Recent Downloads\Cops\Cops.26x01,mkv, Cops.26x02,mkv, Cops.26x03,mkv, etc.
\Recent Downloads\Sons of Guns\Sons of Guns.5x01.mkv, Sons of Guns.5x02.mkv, Sons of Guns.5x03.mkv, etc.

If you just make a series folder for each show in your download folder, and dump single season episodes in it, it will scrape just fine. A small bit of work, but it makes for a nice clean library. Another thing I did was make a template folder to use for a new show:

-> Series Name
---> Season 1
---> Season 2
---> Season 3
---> Specials

Just copy that to the correct location, rename 'Series Name' to the name of the show, dump your episodes into the Seasons and you are ready to scrape.
Ah, it's a limitation in what scrapers are able to do?

Unfortunately my downloader doesn't know which series it's downloading, so everything ends up in \download before I sort it. It would have been nice to get it scraped directly, but if it can't be done it can't be done. :-)

When I've seen it and sorts it I put it in the other structure, which works fine now with your tip!
It's just the way XBMC passes info to the scrapers. From the wiki:

"You must set the content to TV Shows on the directory directly above the individual show folders. To ensure accurate matches for your TV shows, the folder names should match the title displayed on the site being scraped. For the default TVDB scraper this may mean including the year of release, e.g. Castle (2009) (in cases of duplicate titles), or the country of origin, e.g. Being Human (US) (in cases of foreign remakes)."