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Full Version: Brightness revisited
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I had the brightness issue when I installed Gotham beta. Since then, installed OpenElec which for some reason doesn't have this issue. Last night I went back to Windows for a little more flexibility and a Bluetooth I really wanted to work. I'm back to the bright washed out videos. Has anyone figured out why this is an issue when it wasn't on Frodo? Was there a fix posted while I was on OE. I do use OE on my bedroom ION device and blacks are nice and black. The video on my living room htpc is noticeably brighter. I don't want to have to change my tv because it was professionally calibrated and I don't see why it should be done just fir XBMC when it worked fine on Frodo.
This would be worth a read, it's a known Windows problem which jmarshall did an excellent job of fixing so quickly -- but there is still an issue.

Thanks man, I tried that build and it seems better. I'll take the discussion over there.
So is the brightness issue fixed in beta 4?
I would also like to know that, the test build worked nicely and the nightly builds seem to have better levels but a confirmed answer from the development team would be nice, after all colour, brightness and contrast are core areas for a (mostly) video player.
I'm asking because the remote I want to use is bluetooth and it won't work in OpenElec. I might go back to Windows on my living room pc and wanted to make sure t hings like brightness and NFS were fixed. I believe NFS was fixed and I installed XBMC on my PC and movies appear to play at the proper lightness although it's not the same as a TV.