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Full Version: Guide: Audio/Video Problem Solving with an AMD GPU
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i have this problem.


they say its ATI chip problem not with skin. why is this? can i have help here please. Sad
What's the problem here? The color? :-)

you can see there are garbled images (colored blocks) all over the screen. but this does not appear during playback. only in the menu.
system specs pls,
i've seen this earlier
here's the specs mate. some forum say its because i have ATI graphic card.

gigabyte ga b75n-itx
8gb gskill ddr3 1600
sapphire hd 6770 1gb ddr5
seagate 2tb HD
onkyo HT-s3300 Home theater
samsung 40eh6030
windows 8 64-bit
well to rule out the skin issue,
did you try another skin ?
did you try another driver for your graphic card ?
does this only happen in xbmc or also on your desktop ?
in some skins it appears also but not that much. i downloaded all skins in the official repo just to compare. Smile
this only appears in xbmc menu not anywhere else. yes, i have tried different (older) drivers but it became worse. they said its ati problem with xbmc, never a skin. some even suggested to do linux install htpc dedicated to xbmc. Sad
which skin is it ?
also with confluence skin ?
which driver version are you using ?
did you set all your settings like in the first topic ?
you could try a clean install of xbmc (perhaps in portable mode)
i presume you're using the latest xbmc from here 13.x Gotham ?
using gotham stable. updated with latest ati drivers. it does not appear in confluence, quartz and bello is where it is very visible.
well i would almost say it's a skin issue then if it only shows when using those skins
Hi Piers/Kodi - for sound under max number of channels, i only have 2. not 8 per your guide. why is that? can you please explain what i'm doing wrong. is it bcuz of my setup? thanks.

win 7 x64, xbmc 13.2 gotham, aeon MQ5
Post your Debug Log ...
(2014-08-28, 08:12)fritsch Wrote: [ -> ]Post your Debug Log ...

here it is. thank you for looking at it.

Whatever is connected to your HDMI out only tells us that is has 2 channels. So what is connected there?
(2014-08-28, 11:27)fritsch Wrote: [ -> ]Whatever is connected to your HDMI out only tells us that is has 2 channels. So what is connected there?

hi fritsch - the hdmi from my video card(my computer) is connected to the tv. is it suppose to go to the receiver?? if i connect it to 'video in' in the receiver, i'm not gettin any picture. sorry, im inexperience in this matter.
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