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Full Version: Change position of home items and hide submenus
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This skin is amazing, so elegant and easy on the eyes! I only have two things I haven't been able to figure out yet.

I'm currently using your horizontal layout and I'm trying to center the home menu items (I use Movies and TV) and hide the submenus.

So far I've commented out in Includes.xml:
starting from here:
<include name="Home.Submenu.Items">

and ending here:

<include condition="System.HasAddon(plugin.video.plexbmc)">Plexbmc.Submenu.Items</include>

Now, I hope that I haven't commented out too much? I only want to hide the submenus to the home menu items. Next on my list is moving Movies and TV Shows a bit further to the left.

Any help would be greatly appreciated Smile