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Full Version: Listenlive Plugin take ages to read the metainformation
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Hello all,

I'm very upset. Since more than a week now, everytime I start XBMCv13b3 on my Ubuntu workstation the initial reading of the meta data for plugin://plugin.audio.listeniveeu/?url=http://www.listenlive... hangs.

I tried to remove the addon totally but XBMC continiously raises a window explaining that this addon is required.
I removed all tracks of "listenlive" on user$/.xbmc I can find. Delete all plugin folders, delete any line where this shows up. a grep -R "listenlive" did not show anything more.

Is there anybody who has a hint for me on what I can do to fix it?
There are two databases "Addons15.db" and "Addons16.db"... Is it an option to delete them?

Thanks in advance,