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Full Version: What are you guys watching?
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And the Flash!
Arrow has been cool so far, looking forward to the flash.
Just watched 3 Days To Kill which was a decent movie albeit the poor reviews (each to their own), on another note I'm looking forward to Constantine
I just started on season 2 of Orphan Black. I watched the first entire season in under a week when I was feeling sick, really enjoying it!
Got that to watch. Smile got justified and sons of anarchy too!
Just started on the first season of Angel (the vampire). Also watching or recently watched stargate universe, GCB, The Big Bang Theory and Almost Human.
The stuff I am most exited about:
- True Detective (Crime, Drama)
- Continuum (Science-Fiction, Action, Drama)
- Defiance (Science-Fiction, Action, Drama)
- Elementary (Crime, Drama, Mystery)
- The Following (Crime, Drama, Thriller)
- Game of Thrones (Action, Adventure, Drama)

to the poster above me: Almost Human has been cancelled.... :/
Oh yes, watching continuum as we'll.

Almost Human cancelled??!! Oh what a shame, it had great potential and I'm a fan of Karl Urban especially in Red, Dredd and Riddick. Do you know why it was cancelled?
Rick and Morty

watch it :D
(2014-06-10, 14:31)blossom24 Wrote: [ -> ]Do you know why it was cancelled?

Fox doesn't understand sci-fi.
Quote:It didn't help that Fox aired several episodes out of order

I mean, they also canceled Firefly, as well as airing it out-of-order. Sad
Got Extant to watch and we are bingeing on Suits. Smile

Falling skies has come back. As has under the dome!
Anyone catch "The Strain" on FX? I thought it has potential. Base on the "Blade" movies I think.

It's sick. I love it lol.
I recently starting watching Longmire and find I that I must liked playing cowboys and Indians when I was small, because the show is very entertaining.
Finished angel, now watching Carnivalé.
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