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Full Version: XBMC crash on loading trailer from youtube
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I'm experiencing that when pulling up "movie information", and selecting trailer - some times XBMC gives off a "common.cache.plugin" error notice, hangs on the "youtube" stream loading popup - and usually when I try to close the frozen "stream loading" "window", XBMC crashes to windows desktop. On a rare occation XBMC will start responding again after a while, but if so - several plugins won't operate properly.

I'm not sure what is at fault here - XBMC, youtube plugin, some specific videos fetched by scraper.. I just don't know.

Debug here: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=175310 - See line 2486 ->

XBMC (13.0-BETA4 Git:20140405-ca6c289) - Windows 8.1 pro