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Full Version: [Project] Dual Audio Output support (Krypton/Jarvis/Isengard/Helix/Gotham/Frodo)
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Gotham is a work in progress, not functional at this moment. Frodo is the latest build to have dual audio support. The Windows Binary is linked in the original post.
I see some new commits on the GIT repository. I can't tell you how anxious I am to have this up and running on my Gotham install. I have been stuck using stereo up-convert for the past year or so to keep it simple for the kids. That is soon to be a thing of the past. Thanks again for the hard work Smile
Also very excited about this version on Gotham
Great feature
Hi, any news for this add on for Gotham? thanks
(2014-04-17, 07:51)xhbl Wrote: [ -> ]EDIT: Well, Gotham 13.0 stable rises, time to keep up with it.....Working in Progress for Gotham
Please follow the dev branch for Gotham: https://github.com/xhbl/xbmc_dualaudio/tree/Gotham-DA

Hi, for those who need 2-Zone simultaneous audio output might still remember this thread I posted years ago:

Now I'm back to bring a new supporting patch for Frodo which is the first version to use the powerful AudioEngine audio subsystem. I created this new thread also because of the totally different AudioEngine which makes the old patch inapplicable and this is a newly delveloped patch that is adapted to the AudioEngine.

The development of this patch was under the support of lallhands in this forum. Thanks to him for encouraging me to finish this patch.

Currently this patch works for Frodo, since AudioEngine has a major change(SoftAE refactored to ActiveAE, PulseAE/CoreAudioAE deprecated, etc) in Gotham and later, more work need to be done for those. I may consider to continue to develop for them in the near future.

A screenshot of settings in Frodo

The dual audio output suppport XBMC built-in video player (dvdplayer) and music player (paplayer) as well as the GUI sounds. I've tested with the Windows and OpenELEC build and seems to be working well. as I mentioned above, in Gotham and later version, AudioEngine has been refactored to ActiveAE, so for Frodo, I only focused on the SoftAE which would support Windows WASAPI/Directsound and Linux ALSA/OSS. Although I implemented code for PulseAE/CoreAudioAE, it's mainly for passing the compiling.

Quite a few core source files needed to be modified to make this patch, it's not considered to be a 'clean and decent' solution, thus there is the necessity to create a project to keep updating with the XBMC main project. I've created two projects on github.

XBMC: https://github.com/xhbl/xbmc_dualaudio
OpenELEC: https://github.com/xhbl/OpenELEC_dualaudio

Branches with name suffix '-DA' are the Dual Audio branches, e.g., Frodo-DA, openelec-3.2.4-DA.
You can simply clone these repositories to make your own build.

12.3-Frodo: xbmc-123-frodo-DualAudio-r019.patch
3.2.4-OpenELEC: xbmc-122-DualAudio-OE324-r019.patch

For those who want to have a instant try, I build windows(only XBMC.exe, you need to install the original and replace with this) and OpenELEC Generic 64bit version for your convenience:

12.3-Frodo (Windows DirectX): XBMC-12.3-dx-DualAudio-r019.zip
3.2.4-OpenELEC(Generic_x86_64): OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-3.2.4-DualAudio-r019.tar

Any suggestions or support for the future of this project, you are welcome to PM or email me.

I am having trouble with your .zip file. When I go to install from .zip in XBMC it is telling me that the file has an incorrect structure.
Big Grin this is no addon. It is a complete different version of XBMC. You can unzip it and copy the exe to your folder.
(2014-05-17, 15:52)Jorsan Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, any news for this add on for Gotham? thanks

Just watch the git repo from his opening post and you can follow his changes. When its done he will let us know.
thanks for the information. Is possible to keep this 2 zone audio if I change skin?, quartz for example?

any news on Gotham Support?

Thanx a lot!
(2014-05-19, 14:18)Jorsan Wrote: [ -> ]thanks for the information. Is possible to keep this 2 zone audio if I change skin?, quartz for example?

Any skin would work.

(2014-06-06, 14:21)tullm Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,

any news on Gotham Support?

Thanx a lot!

Well, Great news, It's available now! Smile
Wow, great News! Thank you very much!
Have a great day
Thank you very much for your great work.
Thanks so much for the effort. I was just checking the forums before bed, now I will be up the next hour playing with settings!

XBMC Devs,

You should really consider adding this to the mainline, it is a must have feature.
(2014-06-09, 05:58)mrdally204 Wrote: [ -> ]You should really consider adding this to the mainline, it is a must have feature.
Yes let's hope that xhbl now submits this as a pull request for upstream XBMC master and that it will be accepted there for mainlining
Edit. User error

I used the setting in the following post for a successful 2nd audio out. I just happened to have my spdif output muted in windows settings.