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Full Version: WAN Internet streaming from WD My Book Live Duo NAS
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I've been searching various threads endlessly for the past few days but still can't seem to work this out. I'm fairly competent with configuring settings etc. but sometimes (most evident in this case) require an idiot guide.

Okay so I have a WD My Book Live Duo NAS attached to my router (I have the routers external WAN address) and simply want to stream my content over the internet to XBMC (on my Sony Xperia Tablet Z) whilst I'm away from home. Data consumption is not an issue here btw.

1. Does anyone have any experience with this WD NAS or know if I can I connect directly to it via XBMC or can connection only occur outside of XBMC using one of WD's Web Interface protocols? I have tried contacting WD who keep pointing me to their android mycloud app and can't seem to grasp what I'm asking.

2. In either eventuality, I would be grateful if someone could point me in the direction of a step by step guide as to how to configure XBMC to access content held on a NAS remotely over the internet using a WAN address?

Apologies to anyone Rofl but we all gotta start somewhere.

I'm not entirely sure what you mean. I use a My Book in my home to store and stream files on my home network. Set up is easy enough, I just added the my book as one of my sources in File Manager and then added it as a video or music source. But, that's on my home network.

If you're talking about doing it out of your home, over the internet, say at work or somebody else's house (not in your home network) you may be out of luck (from my little experience in the subject). What I remember from the directions of My Book was that if you wanted to share your files over the internet with somebody else (which is what you want to do, you're just sharing with yourself) you could somehow (I don't know how because I haven't done it) get an internet link that would allow them access to your files. I have a feeling that this doesn't allow them full access to your system, maybe only the file you decide to share. Like I said, my experience is limited.

I do know that when I access the My Book webpage I can do only a limited number of things, so full access may be out of the question. If nobody here can help, you could check out the My Book forums. While researching problems I had with connecting my NAS to Windows 8 I did some reading on their forum. I read there how people were basically "jailbreaking" (don't know what else to call it) their My Books to achieve various things. From this quick Google search :
I see others mentioning the same sort of thing.

I'd say try your own google searches, and check out the My Book forums, and of course check back here again. Maybe somebody with more experience will answer.

Just trying to help.
Thanks for your thoughts blasty...

Streaming from my home network over WLAN is not an issue, that's the easy part, it's streaming away from home and away from my home network is the issue.

I know that it can be done hence my request for a walkthrough of the settings part of XBMC when adding a new network for ANY NAS over the internet.

Beyond this I'm still not sure if it can be done on a WD My Book Live device though I think this clouds the issue (no pun intended) so like you suggest will continue to search the WD forums for a solution to that side of it.

So back to the primary request....

A walkthrough for XBMC Streaming over the Internet anyone?

Thanks in advance.