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Full Version: Imported Database - Lost Sources?
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HI all,

Hope someone can please help with this bug bear of mine.

I'm running 3 x 12.3 Frodo 12.3 Win 7 boxes and using the default Confluence skin.

I setup all my TV Shows and Movies fine on my first box. Added the sources under Videos, Files and set the Content.

Once all this scrapped down (am using nfo and images generated by Ember Media Manager) I then exported my database to the single file though the 1st xbmc and then imported that database into the other 2 boxes.

Again all worked well and new TV Shows and Movies are picked up by all 3 boxes when detected at startup.

The issue I have is that the 2 boxes which I imported the database to, do not show the original sources under Videos, Files. I can add in another source ok on theses boxes but on occasion I still need to access the original imported sources.

I've done a few imports over time but have deleted the MyVideos75.db and Textures13.db files and the content of the Thumbnails folder before each import so cannot honestly say when my predicament occurred.

Is this behaviour normal? Workaround? Idea?

Cheers all.
It's normal. It's the weird way XBMC does the library, in that the library has its own path, but you can manage and change that path using the Videos -> Files path. So it's possible to have a source path set up but not visually seen. You just need to add it back as if you were setting it up for the first time, but just make sure it's written the same way, as it is case sensitive. If it's different at all then you run the risk of getting duplicates.
Nice one Smile

Cheers Ned for the explanation.