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Full Version: Transmission Addon strange button labels and behavior
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In XBMC Gotham (switched to it from Frodo to beta3), the transmission addon (ver 0.72) shows strange labels on buttons ("SCRIPT101","SCRIPT102", "SCRIPT103" etc. instead of "Add", "Remove" etc.). Also, the torrent list shows only one torrent, no matter how many torrents are really running.

Tried to reinstall transmission, reset language settings to default. No changes. Sad

Any ideas?

Thank you!
Same here, probably broke with the update to gotham. So the addon needs to be updated.
Is anybody looking into this? Transmission addon only displays one torrent as well as the button label issue.
The plugin has been recently updated to v0.7.5! :
I installed it from the zip and it ran smoothly.
As for the only one torrent issue, see this thread: