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Full Version: Just a beginner looking for startup advice.
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Hi all, I'm new to the forum and to xbmc. I've just installed it on an old PC just to get the feeling of it. I like it that much it's time to spend some cash. I've downloaded a couple of basic start up guides from here and find them real useful.
What I'm asking now is which is the fastest and easiest and best way to go. 1 build a PC version, or 2 buy an android system with it installed already.
Cash is not the biggest issue but don't want to spent unlimited cash. I just want a simple system than I can hook up to my tv, watch all the great stuff that's available out there and maybe connect an external hard drive with my own media on.
Cheers all.
Intel NUC, Gigabyte Brix, or ASUS Chromebox, can all be set up for under $200. They are the best bang for your buck. If you really want to dabble with Android, the Amazon Fire TV seems to be a good bet so far, at $100. If you want cheaper, I would say get a used OUYA for under $70-80. For $50 or less, set up a Raspberry Pi (wiki).
Cheers Ned, lots for me to look into there will that today.
Like I say money isn't the limiting factor it's ease of use and reliability that I'm more interested in.