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Full Version: Starting XBMC into Movies Menu
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When XBMC starts up, it defaults to the Music Video menu item. I want it to start on the Movies menu item, or, more specifically, I want it to start up IN the Movies menu: where all of the titles and artwork are shown just as if I had clicked on the Movies menu item.

I'm not sure if this is a XBMC setting or a skin (AEON NOX) setting. In NOX I see where I can modify the menu items, but I can't see where I can make it start IN or ON the Movies item. I've seen where I can set the Startup Window (Appearance-Skin-Startup Window), but Movies is not an option, and Video just takes me to a launch page of sorts (I'm too new to know what to call that dialog box), not the Movies Title Selection page I want.

I've tried searching for this in the forum and wiki but it results in hundreds of results that have nothing to do with my question. I'm sure it's in one of them, and I'm sure someone will point that out to me Wink

Thanks for whichever kind of help I get Smile