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Full Version: XBMC Movie Collection Problems
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Hey there,

I have started having trouble with my movie sets lately, I have spent quite awhile tailoring them quite precisely to be exactly as I want them to be to cut down the overall size of my library (I merged Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films together into one collection for instance, and all the Marvel films into order, etc), but all of a sudden XBMC is adding extra movie collections alongside these, for example, I now have The Lord of the Rings (my purpose built collection), The Hobbit Collection and The Lord of the Rings Collection, and it has done a number of other collections added. Is there any way of turning off this automatic movie collection thing it has started to do, or allowing only nfo collection files like it used to do? As it is really winding me up but also is making the movie section look like a mess.

Thanks in advance for the help.