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Full Version: Removing "Get More" item in Audio & Video Addons Menus
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I'm working on a mod of Confluence for Windows and would like to remove the "Get More" item from both the Audio and Video Addons menus but I can't seem to find where those items in the various xml files. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks so much in advance for any assistance on this.
Not possible
Just my opinion I think they should be disableable in the same way as 'parent folder' and 'add source' are. Wink
(2014-04-30, 20:54)Martijn Wrote: [ -> ]Not possible


Thanks for the info. Two questions:

1. Why isn't it able to be disabled: ie what was the design decision involved?
2. What notification/event occurs when that item is clicked? If I can't remove it I'd like to trap it and prevent if from downloading additional add-ons.
1. Same as everything. Some one needs to put time and effort in it without adding thousands of settings
Understood but generally elements in the skins can be altered by modifying the underlying XML file(s). Is that not the case with this particular item? After all it shows up in a particular menu (e.g. Audio Add-ons) and that content is set dynamically when invoked through the skin or an underlying JSON string written via TCP/IP.
Lot of things are hard coded
OK, understood and by "hard coded" I assume you mean in the source that gets compiled and not in any of the XML. Do you know where that is in the source because, if you know that and can tell me then, I can go in find that bit of the course, mod that and do a rebuild.

(2014-05-02, 06:42)Martijn Wrote: [ -> ]Lot of things are hard coded

See GetScriptsAndPlugins
Perfect. Thanks so much.

(2014-05-03, 00:32)jmarshall Wrote: [ -> ]xbmc/filesystem/AddonDirectory.cpp

See GetScriptsAndPlugins
Look forward to the pull request.
Where can I find information on the "usual" build environment: ie what IDE are most using on Windows at this time?