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Full Version: Problem with TV Guide
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I have a problem with TV guide after upgrading to XBMC 13 Gotham RC 1.
It does not open and I am getting this error message in log

21:37:44 T:3816 NOTICE: script.tv.show.next.aired: ### TV Show - Next Aired starting GUI proc (6.0.9)
21:37:44 T:3816 NOTICE: script.tv.show.next.aired: ### ERROR: DB version is too new for this script (6 > 5) -- exiting
Same for me on OSX.
(2014-05-02, 18:14)juramusger Wrote: [ -> ]Same for me on OSX.

I have solved the problem my self. Go to the TV guide and delete all the data and and hit TV guide again to rebuild
Thank you! First I didn't know how to enter as the script was failing. Found it under skin settings.
Working again!