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Full Version: VU Meter visualization
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Hi together,
For a Skin (WIP) , I want to integrate a VUmeter to visualize Music while playing. It should look like seen in the video


It should'nt work in fullscreen,
Does anyone know if it is possible and how?


Ps. Link edited

I am new in the KODI project.

Take a look at my first attempt to create a VU meter visualization. It is for Vortex visualizations.


Copy both folders and paste them in

32-bit systems -->. "program files (x86)\kodi\addons\visualization.vortex\resources\"

64-bit systems --> "program files\kodi\addons\visualization.vortex\resources\"

During music playback select vortex vis. Then from the visualizations select "VUMeter-Analog"

If everything done correctly, you will get the VU meters on your screen.



If you have any ideas or you want something different post it.
Is this VU meter only working on a windows operating system or also on Linux?
Hi Thetmar,

I am sorry for my late response.

I think it should work with Linux also, but I am not 100% sure if this is correct. I am not a Linux fun! But anyway you do not have anything to test it. Just drop to the proper folder the files and KODI will do the rest.

If anybody use VU Meter visualization on Linux environment please help Thetmar.

Have a nice day

Vortex is Direct X -- so windows only
Very good idea! I would like to use it with openELEC.

Some theme ideas:

McIntosh VU meters:


Spectrum analyzer:

Yes I can drop it into the correct directory in windows C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi\addons\visualization.vortex. But where is the directory in OPENELEC so that I may place it in there. I use Cyberduck to SSH. Can antone point me there?