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Full Version: Can anyone help to implement series record?
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I'd love to be able to help with this myself but I have zero coding knowledge so by the time I learnt I fear we would probably be on on xbmc 16!

Red F, the maker of the argus tv addon, has kindly said if anyone wants to fork his work on GitHub and try and get series record working they are welcome to:


So just wondering if anyone has the time and the skills to do anything?


Although I really like Argus I switched off of it because of these things that are missing that in my opinion are basic expected features that a user would expect from their cable box. (That, and the complete mess that is importing/scanning/mapping channels)

I'm now using WMC as my back end and WMC.pvr is more actively developed and (mostly) has this feature as well as others.
I believe NextPVR may have this in gotham only but my memory is a little hazy on that.