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Full Version: Nexus 7 2013 buffer problem
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Recently I updated my Nexus 7 2013 to the latest stable not beta version of xbmc (13.0 gotham) and I noticed a new problem while streaming videos. Whenever my Nexus 7 needed to buffer because of my bad wifi the sound of the video would not stop playing. This causes the video to play out of sinc when it has buffered. The only way I found to make the video play in sinc (next to restarting the video) was fastforwarding the video. This is very annoying because fast forwarding is not a smart idea when you can't even play the video at normale speed.

Is anybody else experiencing the same problem? Or does anybody have a fix?

(Little bit of side info: I have this problem when I stream In HD 720p 5.1 from icefilms but propably also when I play from my homenetwork. I dont know if it has anything tot do with the 5.1 surround stream because when i stream 2.0 the video is also allot lighter and I have no problemen with buffering. This problem started tot occur when I updated from a gotham monthly (because the Nexus 7 2013 had a sound problemen with 12.0) to the first beta and it still occurs in the stable release from a few days back.)

Sorry for possibly bad english, a foreigh language and dyslecia does nog mix well.