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Since 3.9 tvheadend there is a redesign interface for IPTV. This one works for those who has muxed channels but it is confusing for those who uses for every stream its own IP.
There is the script for users who are using ordinary m3u files which helps create configuration files. Creating those is for such IPTV users confusing and even more complicated as it was in 3.4. In new version tvheadend wants to scan for services even if there is no need because the channels are not muxed. This causes modem to be dosed and crashes.

Script for converting m3u files to tvheadend configuration.

It would be nice if the m3u could be directly imported into TVheadend or. if there would be only one or. two configuration windows for those IPTV users.

Also it would be nice if in Tvheadend http support will be added. This way it would be possible to use udpxy which converts multicast to unicast traffic. So the stream looks like at the end as:

And for the end can you please add the option under dvb inputs/muxes where you can select which columns can be visible. There is no option for 'Service Name'. This way it is possible to identify he name of the channel. Otherwise user has to search over ip which is almost not quick.

- you can add the same IPTV sources as you could in 3.4, nothing has changed in that regard

- HTTP is supported too

- An IPTV mux has no name per se, it's the service contained in it that has a name. That's why there's no "service name" column in the multiplex tab

In any case, since this is not related to XBMC in any way it would have been better to post on the tvheadend forums instead.
- Yes you can but the configuration is not the same.
- For HTTP did not know that. Will try.
- For mux; ok but is impractical for IPTV where one IP has only one channel.

I have tried http stream and they work so so. Switching is slow and it throws a lot of time 'no tvheadend input detected' even if in IPTV simple addon it does almost instantly and when changing channels in XBMC the stream does not close always in tvheadend if you do not press stop and then select the channel. If you are doing channel switching without stop in xbmc the streams are not closed.
Note: I have checked when stream is not closed. If xbmc says 'no tvheadend input detected' and if in case you switch the channel without stop first then this channel is not being cleared out and it holds the stream in tvheadend. And it can happen that this stream starts after a minute and then it can eat throughput and the other channels starts to jitter.
Aslo it would be usable if in tvheadend we could kill the stream under Status/stream.

Like I said, better take this up on the tvheadend forums.
Hi illiac4!

how does the m3u2hts work? Does it still work in HTS Tvheadend 3.9.2304?
I followed the instructions on git but it does not work! I am not a Linux pro so I am confused what I am doing wrong.

I am completely confused with the user and group permissions! even with user hits I am not able to delete folders. the m3u2hts.py file does not execute.
don't know how and what to do.

any ideas or step by step guides.

I am running Ubuntu 14.10.

thanks ...
(2015-01-01, 23:46)krijeck Wrote: [ -> ]I followed the instructions on git but it does not work!.

It looks like it wont work at all, I got the converted channel at tvh but i cant access them.
(2015-01-23, 11:14)Namerp Wrote: [ -> ]
(2015-01-01, 23:46)krijeck Wrote: [ -> ]I followed the instructions on git but it does not work!.

It looks like it wont work at all, I got the converted channel at tvh but i cant access them.

Seems that none else is interested in that!

How did you get the converted channel into TVHeadend? Have you checked the correctness??
what do you mean by saying you cannot access them? via the webgui or XBMC?

What you probably have is permission issues! Try to get the access rights correct for the generated folders. ... first idea which came to my mind.
It works but new interface for tvheadend 3.9 is so unpractical to insert channels by hand. The new tvheadend is meant for muxed channels scan but it fails when using ordinary iptv system where 1 channel is one ip. It would be a grat feature if developers will allow to input an m3u like the one compatible with iptv simple addon for those with none muxed iptv or like the one from m3u2hts git repo.

You can use the script and it works but you have to have a very good m3u file to convert. Also take a note that you will still need to scan the channels. Also the permissions has to be right in the config folder like already said. The problem with permissions can be seen over web interface.
The script "works", the channels are at tvh but the channels wont work (if I switch to that channel - kodi says : no input found).
Maybe I made some mistake at some point or I need to do something who knows.
The interface is a whole fu up for IPTV - no wiki - no useful documentation - no chance to use it.
Something like: add ip channel -> add url -> ok = sounds to easy better do it as complex as possibleSad
After creating config with the sript you have to go under networks/iptv networks and press force scan. It will start scanning and create services and hopefully select the right Mux. After that the cahnnel should work. It is totally unpractical for iptv that is not using muxes and i hope they will ad some kind of m3u import or simple inertface for simple http streams.
(2015-01-24, 07:28)illiac4 Wrote: [ -> ]After creating config with the sript you have to go under networks/iptv networks and press force scan.
won´t work for my http streams

If we could use tvh + iptv-simple would fix this whole situation, but the - only 1 pvr-addon-bug is present since ~2 years Sad
hi, TVH 4.1 supports IPTV m3u files.
I tried it but could not get it to work!

anyone being successful in importing m3u files?

I have now HTS Tvheadend 4.1-1565~gb4b0463~trusty installed on Ubuntu 14.04 and I am running Kodi with pvr.hts 2.1.18.
I used the set wizard but just one channel shows up!

any help?

probably the m3u file needs adjustments?
mine looks like that (used in itv simple):
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-num="1" tvg-id="ORF1.de" tvg-logo="orf1.png",ORF eins
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-num="2" tvg-id="ORF2.de" tvg-logo="orf2.png",ORF 2 Wien
Working fine here. I use it to import muxes for my HDHomeRunPrime (I use these via IPTV instead of the built-in HDHR which doesn't work). Looks like this:

#EXTINF:656,656 IndiePlex HD
#EXTINF:657,657 RetroPlex HD
#EXTINF:658,658 MoviePlex HD

When the mux is created, it uses the URL here directly. So this also works:

#EXTINF:656,656 IndiePlex HD
pipe:///usr/bin/curl -s --speed-time 2
#EXTINF:657,657 RetroPlex HD
pipe:///usr/bin/curl -s --speed-time 2
#EXTINF:658,658 MoviePlex HD
pipe:///usr/bin/curl -s --speed-time 2
ok thanks will try to chang my m3u file accordingly. can you explain the parameters of your file?
#EXTINF:656,656 IndiePlex HD

so mine should look like what? something like:
#EXTINF:1,1 ORF eins

ftp instead of http?
the numbers are the channel numbers?

"656" - is the channel number (I use the channel number from the cable company) - doesn't seem to relate to anything in TVH directly
"656 IndiePlex HD" - channel name basically. When mux is created, this is used to create the "Mux name" and "Service Name"

Strangely, TVH also uses the name of the m3u file in the mux name - so I gave the file a short name to make the mux names shorter. The file name is "6C1" so the mux name ends up being "6C1 - 656 IndiePlex HD"
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