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Full Version: No Video, Just Audio
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Hey guys,
I received my new M8 quad core box and it had Gotham Beta installed by default. Everything works fine. When I went to install the stable release, I have to install the old one (cuz installing on top does not work due to signatures). Now when I play any video I only hear the sound and get a black screen. I can pull up the menu to "Stop, Play, etc" and I see the movie box-art, but the screen is black.
I then tried to reinstall the old beta and was doing the same thing. The only way I got it back is when I re-flashed the box to original state.

Any idea how to get rid of black screen??


Debug log (wiki) please
I'll see when I get home... but there are no errors. the movie is playing just black screen

Kinda like this guy at the end of vid... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZvfP6-jE0M
I see the button options (stop, play, etc) and box art but no video, just black screen
We can say that having a black screen is an error by itself, can't we? Wink
Me too, tonight I will provide an debug log. Wiko Cink Five phone ,9