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Full Version: Music Library Issues
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Ubuntu: 14.04 LTS
Processor: AMD Turion™ II Dual-Core Mobile M500 × 2
Graphics: Gallium 0.4 on AMD RS880
OS Type: 64-bit

Hey everybody.
I've been in the process of adding all my music into XBMC now that I've upgraded to Gotham. I have been encountering the very frustrating issue that certain artists duplicate for different songs and that single albums will be broken up into one or two tracks. I'm 100% positive that this isn't the result of the tags for each file as I've checked. any help would be most appreciated.


I didn't think I'd require a log for this particular issue but I can post one if it would help.
If the issue had only been 50 Cent I would just get rid of him, but this issue happens with multiple artists throughout my library.
I have the same problem. It's makes using the library extremely frustrating and pretty much pointless. Win7 x64 here, and it happens on my daughter's laptop (Win 8.1 x32) so it's not related to OS.

I have only one artist that shows multiple times (here), however in almost every artist sub category there are multiple copies of albums. For example, here is what shows in the first Rob Zombie folder and here is what shows up in the last. Here is the Hellbilly Deluxe 2 album that has 5 copies viewed in MP3Tag. Each different instance only has 1-2 songs inside.

That is only one example out of the 20 or so double (sometimes up to 5x) copies of a single album.

I have checked all the tags of the problematic albums/artists to make sure they all match with no wild edits. I have manually edited all information in the tags, and I have not used any third party program to do it automatically.

I never had this problem with any pre-Gotham build. It only started happening when I switched to Gotham beta 1. I have tried a fresh, fully clean install (deleting the appdata\roaming\xbmc folder after uninstalling, yet the issue persists.
What happens when you view the extended tags?

From within MP3Tag, goto the View Menu -> Extended tags. See any differences?

Or, do the easiest thing and tag with Musicbrainz data and be done with it.
Almost certainly due to musicbrainz tags in the songs differing between tracks.
How would one go about fixing this?

Or is there a way to make it so that xbmc only followsthe metadata I've inputed?
It seems the musicbrainz theory is accurate manually changing the musicbrainz data to match for artist and albums worked, however I'd very much welcome a less tedious solution if available.
I think the bottom line on music tagging is if you are going to use any musicbrainz id in your tags, you need to go through your entire collection and get the tags consistent. If you don't want to mess with tags it might be simpler to export the library and use text tools on the exported data, then import it back into the library.

scott s.
Thanks a lot for all the help people. I've resolved to just mass delete any musicbrainz tags. And that has worked, xbmc now just recognises the tags ive done myself.
The culprit was musicbrainz tags. The addon cdART Manager was adding them without my knowledge.
Um, no addon in XBMC should be touching your music tags. It could I guess be altering the library, but that would be odd.

I'm tempted to add a tag to completely ignore MB information. Unfortunately it's not easy as it's done at music scan time, so you have to clear out your entire library and rescan after changing said setting. Will think on it for a bit.
(2014-05-08, 23:57)jmarshall Wrote: [ -> ]Um, no addon in XBMC should be touching your music tags. It could I guess be altering the library, but that would be odd.

Would provide a screenshot of the settings window, but I can't reinstall the addon for some reason.

This is taken from the addons forum thread and shows what I was meaning.
Quote:Add all artist to Database during Database build or update

If enabled, the script will add/update all the local artist(including those found on compilations) to/in the Database

Enable MusicBrainz ID update during Addon Database update(for missing IDs)

If enabled, the script will update any missing MusicBrainz IDs that may have been missed in the past during a Database Update(useful for those database created with version 2.5.1).

Check Database MBIDs to be current during an Update

If enabled, the script will check the MBIDs for the albums/artists contained in the scripts database against MusicBrainz then if necessary update them to the latest. This will add a lot of time to the update as it takes time to check MusicBrainz

I figured out the culprit after running this addon and the previous issue I had with the tags scrambling my library came back. I checked the settings window and seen that the MusicBrainz options where enabled so I removed the addon, fixed my tags and now everything is back to being ok.
Manually changing music tags seems to be too much work, I'll just go back to Frodo for now. I have over 9000 songs and too many of my artist albums have the songs spread over 2, 3 or even 4 of the same album. some songs seem to be missing but they're all listed in one album. So I have a music library that's out of order and any missing music from all artist happen to be listed under one album with a total of 73 songs from multiple artist and multiple albums, so a manual fix for me is out of the question.

Many great improvement with Gotham but the music library really need attention.

Great work with Gotham otherwise.
^why not just to a bulk delete all mbid tags? Then it should work just like before.
(2014-05-09, 18:24)whitebelly Wrote: [ -> ]^why not just to a bulk delete all mbid tags? Then it should work just like before.

What's the best way to go about this?
(2014-05-09, 19:23)Ds17 Wrote: [ -> ]
(2014-05-09, 18:24)whitebelly Wrote: [ -> ]^why not just to a bulk delete all mbid tags? Then it should work just like before.

What's the best way to go about this?

Great question, how to do a bulk delete of all mbid tags?
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