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Full Version: No PVR clients started error
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I just upgraded to XBMC 13 and run Aeon Nox 5 on windows 7. Whenever I start xbmc I get the "No PVR clients have started yet...." error. I've disabled live TV and have no desire to use any PVR clients (at least I don't think I do. I believe they are only for live TV). I also get this error if I am using my keyboard and hit "h." It doesn't matter which skin I am using.

I've checked all over the forum and found numerous people with this issue, but all were trying to get their live TV to work.

DEBUG log below. My log looks a little odd. If there are other issues with my system please let me know. Thanks in advance for all the support.

Your system is set to open "Live TV" as the default

Change this in System > Appearance > Skin > Startup Window