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Full Version: Loading recordings list very slow
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I am a happy user of XBMC and tvheadend, but I wonder why loading the recordings list is so slow on not so powerful hardware (which I think is common for small media systems). For example I use a quite old Atom system, and loading my few hundred of recordings takes about 8 seconds. I once tried to replace this PC with an Raspberri Pi, but on that device it took minutes (!) to load the list. On my Android phone (Moto G) I see about the same delay as on the Atom PC.
In comparison, loading the recordings directory over NFS (Videos -> Files) is much, much faster. But of course that lacks the EPG info.

On my desktop PC recordings load very fast by the way, maybe that makes this 'bug' doesn't get a lot of attention?

By the way I am only talking about the uncached recordings list. Once it is cached it is much faster. But of course after each new recording the cache is dropped.
It would help if you could post a debug log (wiki) which illustrates the issue. Maybe then someone can pin-point what exactly is slow.