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Full Version: Use xbmc as bluetooth speaker?
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I think I found THE link to enhance the OSMC media center with Bluetooth A2DP.
I try it and it works !! The tuto is made for people using the 3.5mm jack sound output, but it's easy to understand and I made it on my Raspeberry B with an Hifi Digi+ soundCard.
read it here:
Now I can play my free account spotify music on my OSMC via my LG G2.
Thanks to RobertS23!
Good find Smile
Is there a windows equivalent?
the majority of this is off topic, but there is a kodi team member working on getting line in audio for kodi
(2015-04-07, 23:13)darksupernova Wrote: [ -> ]I have kodi running on Windows. My friends come over all the time and want to Bluetooth to my speakers. Airplay only works on iPhones and even then it's pretty crackly and patchy.
Yeah, I read a test of Airplay vs Bluetooth by the guys at http://www.consumertop.com/ and I can fully understand why nobody is using airplay for speakers anymore.
Looking for this too !

I have xbmc running on my Bartop Arcade machine (with Win7 PC internals) which doubles as a Music Video Jukebox.

I want myself (or friends) to be able to connect to it and push a song via bluetooth A2DP to play through XBMC / Kodi, essentially making the Bartop Arcade a Bluetooth Speaker (for my HTC One X phone)
(2015-02-10, 14:32)belese Wrote: [ -> ]i'm currently looking to implemented this,
i've tried a few test with xbian, and pulseaudio or alsa, but wasn't happy with that.

so i tried with a python addon, and bluez 5.
i can read the a2dp stream in python using dbus, decode the SBS codec,
and i've now a raw pcm stream,

Problem is from python, i've not found a way to send it to xbmc player,

i can encapsulate pcm in wav, but problem is it's a stream, and wav file have a length in header,
i've tried to patch the header to have a long wav file (90 minutes or more), and send stream via a http server,
but it don't work on xbmc, kodi freeze, strange because same stream work in vlc, and mplayer.

anyway, it's not a good solution as it will add some more latency.

i also try a fifo pipe with wav content, but seems xbmc open the pipe more than once (or something else i don't understand),
and result, it don't work

i've seen the old airplay python addon, it use a xbmc pipe, that don't seem exist anymore.

Is someone has an idea?

otherwise i was looking at the xbmc code, and maybe with Airtunes server and bluez helper, i could try to do it in xbmc,
it should be better, but i'm not a C++ developper, so if i can do it in python in a clean way, i'll prefer.

Would you care to share your still-in-work python module? I'd like to do some experiments to try and achieve the same thing. I'll, of course, share anything (if anything) I accomplish.

Thank you!
Could one of the devs please advise if this is possible?

Would certainly be great now AirPlay is no longer working with iOS 9!
possible yes, one just needs to implement it (can also be a community dev ofc). AFAIK the issue is that the bluetooth stack is different on every platform and you would have to do the extra work for a platform agnostic wraper and various OS implementations. Also, some devs think this is a thing that the OS should deal with, and if you happen to run Kodi on a full qualified OS, you can already do it - just not in Kodi.
Thank you for your explanation! Hope this will eventually be implemented though.
Same! +1
With summer fast approaching, we're starting to have more and more people over for bbq's etc, this keeps getting asked - anyone found a workaround?
Same here +1 I seen people talking about the quality and so on at http://www.audiospeakerworld.com
Why not buy a chromecast audio and plug it into your amp?
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