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Full Version: I'm having to refresh each movie one by one to obtain a thumb..Why??
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I have the last stable build of Eden running on my ATV2 (its the only version that's stable on my ATV2) just for the fun of it...I tried to update to Gotham....all went well apart from when I tried to play movies, my ATV2 just crashed....so I decided to go back to Eden,

Everything worked fine and I successfully re-installed Eden. However the problem I have is now that when all my movies have been scraped using themoviedb scraper, it finds all my movies but it doesn't show a thumb for the movie placeholder, it just has a 'play' thumb on it.

If I go into each of the placeholders and click on refresh - it finds the thumb and then shows it on the placeholder...........I have over 1000 movies so I don't want to go into each one and do a refresh as this will take me forever.

How can I get the thumbs to show for all movies at once..........I've never had this problem before

(I've tried different skins to see if that was the problem....but its happening on all of them)

Thanks in advance

Thanks in advance
I've now completely removed XBMC Eden and have re-installed it.but I'm still getting the error

Can anyone please help...as this is really starting to pee me off!!!!